Keeping The Ash Of A Loved One After Cremation Or Storing It In The Columbarium

When it comes to the cremation, people have two main options. The remaining can be kept at home, in an urn, or they can be stored in the columbarium. So, which one to choose?

Keeping the ashes in the house

This alternative is more than just common among elderly people. Basically, they want to keep a loved one with them at all times. An urn is used in this case and it can be placed anywhere you want it. On the other hand, some families do not prefer this option, simply because they don’t feel comfortable with it. If you want it, but other family members disapprove, the jewelry for ashes is more than just an ideal. You will still keep a part of the loved one with you at all times, but others won’t have any problems with that.

Storing the ashes in the columbarium

This is another alternative which is also common by the way. Ashes will be stored in a special facility called columbarium. As you would expect, there are a lot of other ashes in the facility. Of course, the ashes can be visited at any given moment. We should add that the aforementioned jewelry can be used in this case as well.


At the end of a day, it is up to you which alternative you really want. In both cases, with the jewelry, a loved one can be close to you forever.