Create More Space At Your Home With Loft Conversion

Have you filled up every room of your house with lots of furniture and other items? Do you want to create more space at your house? Then, instead of moving to any new house or extending your house further, it is more cost effective to go for loft conversion.


Many people in London are now preferring loft conversions as these can increase your floor area by almost 30 per cent. You can also check from your neighbours, who have recently got their house renovated, about how they have modified their roof in order to have loft conversion. Then you can call any experts of loft conversion and get your house inspected.

You will find that there are many companies that help you with loft conversions in London. There are many advantages associated with loft conversions. They are listed below.

  • Firstly you do not need any planning permission to carry out such conversion.
  • Secondly as already mentioned, it is a much cheaper option than extending your house further, since you do not need the services of any architect and building contractor.

You are not violating any building regulation by going for loft conversions, since you are not changing the structure of your house. You will simply convert your loft into a room and you will need an additional staircase.

As far as heating and insulating of the area is concerned, your cost will not be as high when you plan to extend your house. However, you need to do it properly so that you are not inconvenienced.

Your painting and decorating cost will also be considerably reduced with loft conversion.